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Research describes a novel, non-destructive methodology to extract DNA from historic bone and tooth artifacts

In a current examine printed within the Nature Journal, researchers described a brand new methodology to soundly launch deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) trapped inside the traditional tooth and bone artifacts, which was used to research and determine the wearer or maker of a deer tooth pendant from the Higher Paleolithic interval present in Denisova Cave, Russia. […]

Researchers develop new methodology to make uncommon cell sorts and illness patterns seen in tissue

The human physique incorporates greater than 30 trillion cells. Till just lately, the sheer variety of cells within the organism meant that approaches to understanding human ailments and developmental processes primarily based on the evaluation of single cells have been a futuristic imaginative and prescient. The event of latest sequencing strategies is at present revolutionizing […]

New technique combines injectable radioactive gel with systemic chemotherapy to deal with pancreatic most cancers

Pancreatic most cancers is likely one of the deadliest varieties of cancer-;within the U.S., it’s estimated that over 88 % of individuals will die from the illness inside 5 years of their analysis. One purpose for this bleak prognosis is that almost all of pancreatic cancers are recognized after the illness has already unfold, or […]