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Research describes a novel, non-destructive methodology to extract DNA from historic bone and tooth artifacts

In a current examine printed within the Nature Journal, researchers described a brand new methodology to soundly launch deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) trapped inside the traditional tooth and bone artifacts, which was used to research and determine the wearer or maker of a deer tooth pendant from the Higher Paleolithic interval present in Denisova Cave, Russia. […]

Modifications to tumor DNA may also help predict most cancers’s subsequent transfer

Realizing whether or not a tumor may develop or unfold to different elements of a affected person’s physique may very well be key to survival – and now scientists are one step nearer to unlocking the power to foretell simply that. In a collection of seven papers revealed as we speak (Weds April 12) in […]

Prescribing Treatment Dosage In accordance To DNA Profile Lowers Facet Results By 30%: Research

A novel examine has proven that prescribing treatment dosage in accordance with a affected person’s DNA can deliver down the unwanted side effects by 30%–a vital determine. The worldwide examine was led by Leiden College Medical Middle (LUMC), and their findings have been printed within the journal The Lancet. “The one-size-fits-all method for prescribing treatment […]

Researchers unveil new strategies for DNA mosaic recognition

As people, we every have trillions of cells. And every cell has a nucleus with particular person genetic data –DNA – that may mutate to create an abnormality. If a human is born with an abundance of abnormalities inside cells, or if mutations develop over time, illness ensues. To make this much more sophisticated, cells […]