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Neighborhood drawback related to variations in microstructure of the mind’s cortex

You’re what you eat, in keeping with the adage. But it surely’s not simply the physique that is impacted. Based on analysis from UCLA David Geffen College of Drugs, dwelling in a deprived neighborhood can have an effect on meals decisions, weight acquire and even the microstructure of the mind. The research, showing in Communications […]

MicroRNAs play a key function within the growth of complicated brains

Cephalopods like octopuses, squids and cuttlefish are very smart animals with complicated nervous techniques. In “Science Advances”, a group led by Nikolaus Rajewsky of the Max Delbrück Heart has now proven that their evolution is linked to a dramatic growth of their microRNA repertoire. If we go far sufficient again in evolutionary historical past, we […]

The mind’s claustrum behaves extra like a high-speed web router, analysis finds

Tucked beneath the mind’s outer, wrinkly cortex is a deeply mysterious space, often called the claustrum. This area has lengthy been identified to trade alerts with a lot of the cortex, which is answerable for increased reasoning and sophisticated thought. Due to the claustrum’s in depth connections, the legendary scientist Francis Crick, PhD, of DNA-discovery […]