Cyanotriazole compounds can selectively and quickly kill trypanosome parasites, research reveals

Cyanotriazole compounds are fast-acting topoisomerase II poisons that may selectively and quickly kill trypanosome parasites that trigger Chagas illness and African sleeping illness, in line with a brand new research.

Tens of millions who dwell in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa are in danger for trypanosomatid infections – pathogenic protozoan parasites that trigger Chagas illness and human African trypanosomiasis (HAT), that are doubtlessly deadly if not handled. Though remedies for HAT have improved in recent times, Chagas therapies stay restricted and depend on prolonged regimens of poisonous medicine. More practical, safer, and shorter-duration therapeutics for Chagas illness are critically wanted.

Right here, Srinivasa Rao and colleagues carried out an automatic whole-cell high-throughput screening of the Novartis compound library – a database of drug-like molecules – to find potential progress inhibitors for trypanosomatids. By way of this evaluation, Rao et al. recognized a category of cyanotriazoles (CTs), which exhibited potent trypanocidal exercise and led to fast clearance of parasites each in vitro and in mouse fashions of Chagas and HAT.

Utilizing cryo-electron microscopy, the authors found that CTs selectively poison the parasite’s topoisomerase II – a vital enzyme in DNA replication – inflicting irreversible and deadly DNA injury. “Given their therapeutic efficacy, we’re endeavor superior preclinical profiling of additional optimized CT analogs to establish medical candidates with an appropriate security profile,” write Rao et al. In a associated Perspective Ruslan Aphasizhev and Inna Aphasizheva focus on the research and its findings in additional element.


American Affiliation for the Development of Science (AAAS)

Journal reference:

Rao, S. P. S., et al. (2023) Cyanotriazoles are selective topoisomerase II poisons that quickly remedy trypanosome infections. Science.

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